• Events Manager

  • In your shoes

  • Location

  • 360 services

  • Personalized spaces


At Room Mate we always put ourselves in your shoes, thinking like our guests. We totally understand the importance of customizing every meeting and event. Each one is completely different, and we are so ready to start organizing!

To make every event pop, we have developed the figure of the Events Manager, who will delightfully help you with the planning, and make sure your event goes flawless. No loose threads!

Our venues are designed to exceed your expectations. We even dare to say that our spaces and facilities will leave you breathless. What are we waiting for?

  • Personalized spaces

    Our ambassador from Room Mate, will be your guide and help you in anything you might need for your business event. We are ready to take care of everything: the planning, booking, even managing the calendar. You name it!

  • In your shoes

    We know how to assess your needs and make our venues personalized according to your requirements. We understand every difficulty in the process and will be willing to take care of everything. Nice to meet you, we will be your inspiration!

  • Location

    Our hotels are always in the City centre, and so are our exclusive spaces for events. An exceptional location is the signature for our meeting facilities. The perfect venue awaits!

  • 360 services

    We are involved in all the event’s process: from the latest technical requirements to the colors of the walls. We offer the best decoration and will fit your every need: Whiteboards, projectors, audiovisual equipment for videocalls… and of course, free wi-fi. Let’s get down to business!

  • Personalized spaces

    In Room Mate, no doesn’t exist. We can customize every space to suit your requests. Even most of our facilities have ambient lighting. What else can you expect? Just ask, we are listening!

  • Slide Eventos Home 9

    Natural light and views of the port. Amsterdam, here we come!

  • Slide Eventos Home 2

    A pool in the middle of Times Square? Yes, we’ve made this a reality.

  • Slide Eventos Home 3

    Lighting according to your preferences in our event rooms in Barcelona.

  • Slide Eventos Home 4

    Room Mate Carla, designed by Tomás Alía. Any event here will be perfect!

  • Slide Eventos Home 5

    Our meeting rooms in Mexico are designed to cater to all your needs.

  • Slide Eventos Home 6

    Our terrace at Room Mate Valeria, Málaga. Panoramic views of the entire city.

  • Slide Eventos Home 7

    The Bar at Grace, a space designed by Lorenzo Castillo in the heart of Manhattan. Can you think of a better event room?

  • Slide Eventos Home 8

    The terrace at Óscar. 360º views and the best sunsets in Madrid.

  • Slide Eventos Home 9

    Mezzanine room at Aitana. A tribute to design. Make the most of your event here!

  • Slide Eventos Home 10

    Anything is possible at a place called GIFT. Check it out and hold your event here!

  • Slide Eventos Home 11

    Even business meetings will be as enjoyable as any party. Experience beautiful Mexico!

Welcome to our spaces! We have combined the event space with all the comfortabilities and services of our hotels. They are specifically designed to fit your needs: accessibility, latest technology, and of course the best management. We can organize a party, a seminar, a conference, or a business meeting, you choose your mood!

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