10 dishes to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, many of us also start to run a little more than usual: no, not to get in shape (well, maybe a little), but mostly to organise the best romantic evening ever for our partner.

The most common thing to do is reserve a table for dinner in a restaurant that someone has recommended or is ‘the place to be’ at the moment.

But careful – if you don’t book in time, you’ll have to go eat at the pub on the corner, which is not bad for watching football, but may not be the best idea for a romantic evening.

Speaking of ideas, why not instead of going out, you spend a night in with your partner and prepare a spectacular dinner together? Not only is it way cheaper, but your cooking efforts will also make your partner love you just that little bit more.

So… where to start?

Here come some ideas for the most romantic and incredible Valentine’s dinner of your life.

Mushroom risotto

Risotto is a hearty dish that can make for a perfect main course. A popular and delicious choice is mushroom risotto.

Accompany it with a good white wine and a light green salad and you’re in.

Homemade pinxtos

Making homemade pinxtos (traditional Basque toasts with toppings) on Valentine’s can be a lot of fun.
It’s like playing a game with food.

Just pick up some good artisanal bread, various dressings and sauces, some cherry tomatoes, wakame seaweed, prawns, some smoked salmon… the options are limitless. You can even have a little competition to see who can come up with the best combination… and what they win…

Prawn and mango salad

This dish has several advantages: it’s delicious, a little unusual and the two main ingredients are said to be aphrodisiacs.

You just need some cooked prawns and a mango, some rocket or lettuce, a little bit of diced red onion and a lemon balsamic dressing with a pinch of salt.

Smoked salmon salad

Salmon is always a good idea and you can make a delicious salad with a bit of salmon, some lettuce, cherry tomatoes, onion, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, a touch of dill and salt.

Smoked salmon salad

And if you don’t want to make a salad, you can always go for…

Salmon carpaccio

No one can resist a good carpaccio – it’s magic.

You can use either fresh or smoked salmon sliced very thinly. You’ll also need some finely chopped red onion, some capers and a vinaigrette made with oil, a touch of mustard, vinegar, lemon juice, salt and freshly ground pepper.

Vietnamese rolls

These might sound complicated, but they’re not. You can get the rice paper in any Asian food store and for the filling you can use grated carrot, fresh lettuce, mushrooms, peanuts, some grilled chicken, soy sauce and a touch of lemon.

Vietnamese rolls

Sauté everything except the lettuce and then soften the rice paper sheet in water and make up your roll (have a look on youtube to to see how it’s done).

Asian ceviche

Another meal perfect for sharing that will blow your partner’s mind.

You’ll need some raw fish such as hake or sole, lemon, green mango (if you can get it), a touch of soy sauce, sesame oil, red onion and freshly grated ginger.

And if they like it spicy, a chilli goes perfectly.

Mix everything tp in a bowl and… you’re done. EASY!

Homemade sushi

Making sushi can be much more than just a delicious dinner. It’s an activity that you can do together as a couple and it can also get a bit sexy if you’re creative.

And if you’re worried about carbs from the rice because… well, for whatever reason, then you can make sashimi 🙂

It’s a perfect meal for dinner: exotic and everyone loves it.

Vegetarian burgers (with added love)

If you don’t want something too heavy, why not try vegetarian burgers?

There are several options: the filling can be “meat” made from ground chickpeas coated in breadcrumbs and fried.

You can also make them with mushrooms, spinach or a mixture of both.

Then take some artisanal bread, onions, tomatoes, lettuce… whatever you like.

And speaking of love…

Chocolate cheesecake

Any dinner prepared with love should probably include a dessert as sweet as your heart.

The perfect candidate? Chocolate cheesecake. It‘s a bit different from the traditional version and it’s not too difficult to make.

Just try to use dark chocolate – it’s definitely better.

Whatever you choose for your romantic Valentine’s dinner, remember that what’s important is not just what you’re going to eat, but also that the whole night is fun. Cook together with a few glasses of wine and, if something doesn’t quite turn out, it doesn’t matter: your evening in will have been a lot of fun and much more memorable than any night out at a fancy restaurant.

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