10 places to eat in New York

Visiting New York can be one of the most incredible culinary experiences of your life: anything you want to eat, you can find it here.

Whether you’re a total foodie, on a budget or have cash to burn, your belly is set for a few days of unforgettable bliss.

To give you a bit of a head start, I’ve prepared a list of restaurants in New York that you should definitely visit if you are passing through the Big Apple.

Yes, I know, 10 isn’t many, but if I give you 20 or 30 you’ll end up doing nothing else but eating and will miss out on all the other cool stuff to do!


Food Truck New York

10 places to eat in New York that will change your life

Ninja Restaurant New York

This themed restaurant takes you to a Japanese ninja castle where you can taste different dishes in a truly original atmosphere. In addition to sushi, there are soups, ceviches, cooked fish, chicken and even hamburgers. Fun and original.

Address: 25 Hudson Street, New York.


A classic New York restaurant with good steak and lobster. That is, very good lobster. They also claim to be the creators of the famous “Eggs Benedict” which, of course, you can also get here. It’s been open since 1837, so we are talking about a historical place here.

Address: 56 Beaver St, New York

Umami Burger

New York is full of good hamburger joints, but this place is amazing. Highlights include “The impossible burger” and the falafel burger. You can also get fries on the side, but careful, you won’t be able to stop!

Address: There are 3 locations in New York. Here is the one in Williamsburg: 158 N. 4th St. Brooklyn

Harlem Shake

I’m sorry for a repetition, but hamburgers are serious business in New York.

This place specialises in hamburgers and milkshakes. There are also sandwiches, hot dogs, fries and other classic dishes we all love.

Try the “Harlem Classic” or the “Pigskin Classic”. Don’t forget your shake.

Address: 100 W 124th St, New York

Speedy Romeo

The Big Apple is also a great place for pizza and Speedy Romeo’s is a perfect place to indulge yourself.  In addition to pizzas there are salads, grilled cuts, ribs and burgers. But make no mistake, this is the place to go for the “St. Louie” pizza.

Address: you have 2 options, 376 Classon Ave, Brooklyn, NY and 63 Clinton St, New York (on the Lower East Side).

People eating in New York

The Black Ant

Ready for some insects? Come on! They’re packed with protein!

That’s what this restaurant is all about: Mexican food with insects as the star ingredient, like guacamole with ants or grasshopper croquettes. For the more conservative, there are also tacos al pastor, roasted chicken and enchiladas.

Address: 60 2nd Ave (between 3rd & 4th St.) East Village, NY

Burke & Willys

A restaurant offering Australian cuisine such as Kangaroo Burgers with tomato, rocket, onion and fries.

They also have chicken, fish, duck, salads and lamb ribs.

There’s no two ways about it though, the idea here is to go for the kangaroo.

Address: 226 W 79th St, New York.

Franchia vegan café

If you are vegetarian/vegan, Franchia is the place to enjoy some delicious and healthy Asian fusion cuisine. Whether it’s a meal with friends or family or an impromptu visit, this place is guaranteed to leave you satisfied.

Noodle soup, salads, dumplings, sushi (vegetarian) and even Korean bibimbap. And they have a huge variety of teas and herbal infusions!

Address: 12 Park Ave (between 34th and 35th St) New York.

Bengal Tiger

Another thing you can get everywhere in NYC is Indian food and if you’re into this type of cuisine, then the Bengal Tiger restaurant is for you.

With lunch sets starting at $10 and a fairly pocket-friendly menu in general, this place is a culinary oasis for any visitor (or local) of the city.

Vegetarian, chicken and lamb curries, rice, tandoori bread and chutneys. Everything you need to be happy.

 Address: 58W 56th Street, 2nd Floor, New York

Gray’s Papaya

Of course, you can’t leave New York without having a proper hot dog, either casually on the street or, preferably, in one of the many speciality places around the city. Looking for the most emblematic place in the city to give it a go? This would be Gray’s Papaya, where as well as being delicious, the hot dogs are also really cheap (no more than $2), with the option to add extra ingredients for a few cents more.

Grab something to drink and you’re set.

Oh, and it’s open 24 hours!

Address: 2090 Broadway (between 71st & 72nd St), New York.

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