5 essential trends for 2017

The New Year is here and is already making a splash. The power of fashion and lifestyle is clearer than ever and it’s time to take the initiative! Why not throw yourself into developing your style or making plans like those we see on our social networks (and which make us so jealous)? In this article you will discover 5 trends that are essential to living 2017 to the max:

Life in Full Colour: Although every season has its “basic colours”, the truth is that fashion trends increasingly offer more variety and creativity. For a long time now, we’ve been able to find a wide range of colours in our favourite stores and get ready for even more of that this year! The era of uniformity is over; add a splash of colour to your life!

tie colorfull

Low-Cost Getaways: Never again will you hear on a Monday morning in class or at the office that “I just had a quiet one”. Take advantage of your weekends with the many low-cost getaways on offer to explore new and exotic places. To help you cope – both physically (travelling around is exhausting) and financially – I recommend you keep a look out for great offers long in advance of when you want to travel and for those last-minute deals. Glory may be for the watchful, but also for those who take a chance!

Another good idea for those getaways and for turning your Instagram feed into a catalogue of stunning locations is to trade international getaways for trips to nearby towns. You’d be amazed at the things you’ll find close by if you just do some googling!

Sporty Chic: Sport is increasingly integrated into both our lives and our wardrobe, and this is why sporty chic is essential to your personal style. Tailoring outfits to your day-to-day and taking advantage of casual clothing to do physical activities will make you more dynamic and keep you ready for anything. Running for the bus? A beer after the gym? We’re ready!

sport healthy


Slow Down: Take your time to do things. It’s that simple. Running around everywhere, stressing to get your hands on the very latest at every moment because everything goes out of fashion after a month… Forget it! The important thing now is to enjoy the journey, every step you take and every choice you make. Live life a little more slowly, but with much more satisfaction. And this also applies to social networks… Just take it easy!

relaxt healthy lifestyle

Goodbye Prejudices: 2017 is expected to be a year of breaking barriers. You are not defined by your gender, your sexuality, your age or your race. There is room for everyone! A wave of long-needed freedom and justice will ensure that this year we can find the style and the plans that work for all of us, regardless of who we are. It will be the perfect time for our grandmothers to get tattoos, to stop calling girls who like football tomboys or to allow ourselves to get carried away with dresses for men!

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