5 gadgets to make your holidays even better

Going on holiday with someone is the best, whether it be in a big group of friends or with your favourite gadgets.

There is no doubt that these days the mobile phone is an absolutely essential item for our backpack. But there are many other gadgets that we can put in our luggage to make our holidays even better. Here we give you our 5 must-haves:

Taking a tablet helps us to completely relax on holiday as we can watch a TV series or film when the sun is at its hottest or to end a long and tiring day. By the way, don’t forget to take a tripod or make sure that the tablet case has a leg to prop it up wherever you need to.


For people who love to be active, don’t be without a great gadget. If you are going to explore a city, wouldn’t you like to know how many kilometres you’ve gone? By controlling your physical activity with a pedometer you will be able to give yourself a treat or show off how many steps you have taken across the world.


Make sure you take a watch that not only tells the time, especially if you aren’t going to be connected to a computer or stuck to your mobile all day. Thanks to the smartwatch you can make emergency calls, receive important messages or use it to figure out where you are in the city by using its maps. Everything you could need right on your wrist.


But all of these gadgets need charging and oh no! We have been here half the morning and the battery is already low from taking so many photos and videos. So don’t forget to pop an external battery or portable charger into your suitcase, as well as, if you have space in your bag, a solar charger. Without a full battery you won’t be able to take that awesome photo to share on Instagram.

external battery

Finally, not every gadget has to be useful, you can also afford to go a little wild! So why not put this fun shots gun and fire it at your friends when you want the fun to begin!

fun shots gun

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