5 things you can’t miss at Christmas time in your city

It took a while this year, but at last, the cold weather arrived. You changed your clothes, got out the knitwear, went out to buy new clothes to update your wardrobe because of this change of weather, and checked out a couple of woolen hats. Yes, my friends! If you haven’t noticed, the Christmas lights have arrived.

You’ve left it late to make your Christmas plans and you know it. December is here and you have to get organised so you don’t miss anything that your city has to offer at this time of year.

The first thing: the tree. It’s stored in your mother’s house and you know that if you don’t go there soon to get it, you’ll end up putting it up in February.

Christmas Tree

There’s nothing better than getting home after work on a cold winter night, sitting down on the couch with a blanket (have you seen the new mermaid tail blankets? They’re the best!) and admiring the blinking lights on your Christmas tree. Take advantage of this time to put it up with your family or friends; you’ll have a great time choosing baubles, “fighting” about how to put the tinsel on or deciding who will put the star on the top. This year there are all kinds of themes for Christmas tree ornaments, to suit all tastes, and not all of them are bauble-shaped.

The second Christmas must is, of course, to eat some roast chestnuts. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like them: you have to go up to a stall and enjoy that incredible smell. Buy some, even if you only buy a few! As well as warming your hands, you’ll be able to carry that aroma with you for a while. Do it – they’re delicious and the chestnut is also a nut which is tremendously rich in nutrients; they provide carbohydrates and fibre and are very filling (perfect if you’re on a diet)


Christmas chestnuts

For the next step, what about a Christmas tree viewing marathon through the city, as a third option? There is always a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours. It’s really fun! Put on some good winter boots, a matching bag or backpack and take advantage of the opportunity to snap some photos of yourself in front of them. And of course, don’t forget to upload them to your social networks with your very best smiles.

light christmas tree

You’re sure to find an ice rink nearby. This is the fourth option and it’s super fun, especially if you don’t mind the odd bump or fall. There’s nothing more enjoyable than skating with your friends and laughing “with” the one who is grabbing the side of the rink and ends up sitting on the ice two minutes later #loadsoffun. Don’t forget your perfect Christmas skating outfit so you can look glamorous while you fall over: some leggings, a woolly jumper, a good pair of gloves, wool socks and a hat, not only for fashion purposes but also for your hair (it’s very important to protect it from the cold as well as from the heat).

ice skating

Lastly, in fifth place, don’t forget to visit the Christmas markets or food trucks, which have become really fashionable over the last few years. You can find some true bargains or eat delicious, cheap food. They are usually full of magic and Christmas decorations. Search online to see if there are any in your city; there are always loads at Christmas time, including charity ones, and lots of people do ‘tours’ of them. You will also, without even realising, reach the number of steps required for your smartphone app fitness challenge. You’ll need it with the copious amounts of food you’ll soon be eating.

christmas market

And especially, and most importantly, be very, very happy. Enjoy this magic time, surrounded by your loved ones, if possible.

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