7 Tips for Travellers to Packing that Perfect Suitcase

When you head off on holiday, you’ve always got that nagging feeling that you’ve left something behind… the same feeling you get when you think you’ve left the windows open or the gas on.

In this post, we’re going to give you some advice on how you can get the most out of your destination and ensure your stay is the experience of a lifetime.

luggageTry not to fill your suitcase with lots of unnecessary things and leave some space for some of the place’s typical products, e.g. pasta, cheese, a bottle of something…

  • Instant camera to capture the unforgettable moments with your friends or partner. These are the best photos to hang up wherever you like later and remind you of the craziest or most memorable moments of the holiday.
  • If you own a reflex camera, it’s time to get it out! You’ll be able to capture the views from your hotel room or be inspired by and learn from the men and women walking around the city you’re visiting. You can then use these notes to plot a kind of graph when you go back to your city. Why not take a photo of some of these people? (but make sure you ask first!)
  • Sunglasses and a borsalino sunhat will add a touch of chic to all your outfits.
  • What to wear, what to wear… The best thing to do is to prepare your outfits before you leave and, if you want, travel light. Choose clothes that allow you to visit the city and at the same time go for a look around the upscale shops, without losing an ounce of glamour.
  • Don’t forget your make-up bag! You can never go wrong, even with just the basics. I would recommend BB cream, waterproof mascara, cream eyeshadow, kohl eyeliner and lip balm; you don’t need anything else to look perfect.
  • Don’t worry about the rest of your beauty products and don’t fill your suitcase with creams as you’ll have trouble getting them on the plane if you only have hand luggage. Hotels are now perfectly equipped with everything you need.
  • Leave the rucksacks behind and opt for a big, comfortable bag, but don’t choose one with rollers, you know: a medium-sized backpack that hangs down, in denim or leather… you’ll be hitting all the right notes! And if you don’t have one like that, don’t worry! You can get yourself one here (some of the flagship products are leather). Plus, if you’re moving around by bike, it’s the most comfortable option.
  • A portable battery in case you get “stuck” at some point. A working mobile is a necessity that can be used to store offline maps and a few guides on the places you’re going to see, just make sure roaming is turned off.Above all, don’t forget your smile and enthusiasm for a guaranteed good time. Enjoy your holiday!


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