8 cities where eating is a sublime gastronomic experience

One of the best ways to invest time and money on our travels is eating. And there are cities where gastronomy is practically a tourist attraction in itself and just as important as any other. Then there are those cities where perhaps there is no inherent gastronomic culture, but that have certain restaurants that are worth visiting during a break from the typical travel activities. Shall we go take a trip?


The capital of Spain is anexcellent destination to go out to eat. Walking around the centre leaves any traveller hypnotised by the aromas from the bars. The gastronomy on offer is unrivalled: from a simple bocata de calamares (squid sandwich) to a wonderful cocido madrileño (Madrid stew).

What to eat in Madrid: If you go when it’s cold, a Madrid stew served in 3 vuelcos (servings). At any time of the year, simply lose yourself in La Latina or Lavapiés area, visitthe bars, ask for something to drink and tell the waiter to recommend you the best tapas they have.

spanish omelette


The second most important city in Spain is also an incredible destination for food.

From bars that have served the same homemade dishes ever since they first opened, to modern restaurants that revolve around the cuisine d’auteur. Renowned chefs who painstakingly go over each of their recipes in minute detail.

What to eat in Barcelona: black rice, calçots (Catalan spring onion) and la butifarra (Catalan sausage). If you prefer an haute cuisine experience, enjoy the more than 20 Michelin stars that have been awarded to various restaurants in the city.



Possibly the best city to eat in the whole of Spain. Walking through the old area in search of pintxos can take a whole day. And you are going to need a very big stomach if you want to try them all.

If what you fancy is seafood, here you can find the best, but if you’re more into meat, this is also the right place.

What to eat in Bilbao: Bilbao cod, and a large steak accompanied with a bottle of cider.

Pintxos of Bilbao
Pintxos of Bilbao

New York

What is considered to be the most famous cities in the world is also one of the best places to eat practically any type of food imaginable.

What to eat in New York: That is a very difficult question to answer. There is food for all tastes. Aside from the classic American food of hot dogs and incredible hamburgers, I would go to Chinatown or to Little Italy for a feast.

Little Italy

Mexico City

Who doesn’t love Mexican food? The indescribable taste of mole sauce, some incredible tacos al pastor, slow roasted pork, tostadas, enchiladas, taquitos and so many other dishes that make up the culture of this great country.

The capital is, for many, the best place to go to eat. But we can use Mexico City as a great base to visit other places rich in culture and gastronomy.

What to eat in Mexico City: gorditas (pastry stuffed with cheese or meat), quesadillas and tacos in their various versions, and of course, drowned in hot Habanero chilli sauce.



Milan is the fashion capital, but it is also a city full of flavours. Its streets are full of history, art and enchanting aromas that will surely make you fall in love.

Risottos, cheeses and dishes “a la milanesa”, in other words, the famous breaded base of flour and egg that we all know.

What to eat in Milan: la cotoletta alla milanese (Milanese veal chop) and el risotto alla milanese are two dishes that perfectly represent the delights that you can enjoy in this city.



The capital of Peru is probably the best gastronomic destination in South America. Visiting Lima means eating ceviche, Huancaína-style potatoes, causa rellena (layered potato dish), rice with seafood, anticuchos (marinated meat skewers), Peruvian fried rice, rice with duck, ají de gallina (Peruvian chicken stew), shrimp soup, pescado a lo macho (seafood dish in thick sauce), tiraditos (Peruvian dish of raw fish), lomo saltado (pork dish)…And I have to stop there as I’m getting hungry.

What to eat in Lima: Well, any of the dishes that I wrote above are incredible, but I’m going to recommend one in particular: el ají de gallina, probably one of the most authentic tastes of Peruvian food.

 Lime food


The streets of Istanbul smell of food. It is impossible to not go to this wonderful city without eating like a king. It has an almost infinite amount of food and there are many strong, spicy, and unforgettable flavours.

What to eat in Istanbul: First of all, street food. Go to the Grand Bazaar and ask for an iskender kebab or any meat skewer. Don’t forget to try their yoghurts and a cup of coffee.

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Turkish tea


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