A trip with your dad!

Father’s day is fast approaching and of course you want give him the original gift he deserves. Without a doubt you both love travelling, but you possibly think a trip away is too much for your budget. Well, we’re here to help!

fathers day

Think about it realistically… can you really picture you and your father on a cruise or in the Maldives? What you really need is a quick getaway doing things you both like and enjoying that crucial time together which can be so hard to find with the pace of life these days. But where?

Barcelona is a perfect option. A city with something fun for everyone, Barcelona is beautiful and has thousands of entertainment choices. Fancy some ideas?

The Sagrada Familia is an absolute must-see on any trip to Barcelona. After that, however, you may want to surprise your father with a place that is less well known and is usually left off the tourist routes. The San Pau Hospital, no longer in use and open to visitors, is the largest modernist precinct in the world and was declared a World Heritage Site for its incredible beauty. Make sure to get a photo of the look on your father’s face when you get there: he definitely won’t have been expecting anything so beautiful!

Sagrada Familia

You can also make a booking for an afternoon at an ‘escape room’. In Barcelona there are several options with different themes and levels of difficulty. Your father has probably not only never gone to one, but likely doesn’t even know what an escape room is! He will love making this discovery with you as you try to escape from a mysterious room by following clues during the hour that these activities usually last.

Time for a drink? Taking him to Ice Bar Barcelona is sure to make his jaw drop. As its name suggests, this is a bar made completely of ice. You better come prepared though: inside the temperature is -5°! Remember to make a booking to be sure of a place.

And if you have any time left over, you’re not short of other fun options. Depending on what your father is into, you might think about organising a more personalised activity to cap things off in style.

If he’s an avid reader, we recommend you take the ‘Shadow of the Wind’ tour by day, which visits the settings from Carlos Ruiz-Zafón’s best seller, and the ‘Ghosts of Barcelona’ tour by night, based on Sylvia Largarda-Mata’s book.

If he prefers the mystery, the city’s two monumental cemeteries also offer tours which visit pantheons and teach you about the people that are buried there. And you can do them at night!

If he is a history buff, he’ll definitely enjoy the Egyptian Museum – especially the pharaonic feast where you can enjoy the music, food and aroma of incense that accompanied these kings during their meals.

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