The Most Intriguing Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

We’re going to talk about Amsterdam, but not exactly about its canals. Although the coffeeshops are not places that are considered as particularly unconventional, as (for better or worse) they’ve become one of the city’s main attractions.
But don’t worry. There’s always authentic places, and we’ve found them.

We’re going to show you the strangest, yet most interesting coffeeshops in Amsterdam. It’s time to open your mind, meet new people and have unbelievable experiences. This, my friends, is Amsterdam!

Katsu Coffeeshop

Image. Shop front. Michael Delaney at Flickr

Where Kitsch and Punk Go Hand-in-Hand.

If there’s a place to get rid of your preconceptions, it’s Katsu. Although its shop front may remind you of one of those garish shops in Harajuku, its inside is far more welcoming. With cushioned benches, plants and dim lighting, and best of all, an interior design that suits the taste of both grandmas and rebellious sisters alike.

What’s more, Katsu is known for its friendly, multicultural atmosphere and it has a large sharing table where you can spark up a conversation with the locals. | Eerste van der Helststraat 70

Abraxas Coffeeshop

Inside. Abraxas fanpage on Facebook

The Mythological Forest of Happiness.

Imagine Gaudi and Gustav Klimt ‘chilling out’ in a coffeeshop and having the best idea of their lives. That idea would be Abraxas.

Its design is the work of Katrin Brockmüller, a German artist who brings together modernist elements with allusions from nature and life. Ultimately, this is the place for those that prefer unwinding with relaxing music and a hot tea.

But, you can’t miss out on a stop at their shop either; stocked with pipes, hemp clothing and even card sets designed by Brockmüller herself and inspired by the Tree of Life. It’s time for you to finally get an original souvenir! | Jonge Roelensteeg 12-14

Dampkring Coffeeshop

Bowie. Dampkring fanpage on Instagram

Cats, Movie Stars and Psychedelia

Without a doubt, the best journey that you can experience in Dampkring is the one you take with your eyes. Its colors and shapes will take you right back to the 70s.

And although Brad Pitt and George Clooney filmed a scene of Ocean’s Twelve here, the real star is Bowie, the coffeeshop’s ‘resident’ cat. Bowie is also known as Cat of Cannabis and has become a complete icon for the locals. He has got so famous that he even has a fan club.

By the way, you’d be mistaken if you thought that the Hollywood celebrities’ time here had become nothing more than an anecdote. In fact, Dampkring has named one of the ‘ingredients’ on its menu after the film as a way of tribute. | Handboogstraat 29

Siberië Coffeeshop

Inside. Siberië fanpage on Facebook

A Home for Artists, Locals and Experimentation

Beyond being a coffeeshop, Siberië is a true social space for the city’s emerging artists. That’s why you can come across art expositions, acoustic concerts, djs, poetry readings, workshops and even Tarot card readings.

This doesn’t tend to be on the “Amsterdam for Dummies” tourist list, so if you fancy escaping the usual coffeeshops, this is the place for you. | Brouwersgracht 11



As you can see, Amsterdam is a wonderful city to lose yourself and discover unique places. If you want to discover more unusual spots, talk to Aitana. She knows Amsterdam like the back of her hand and she’d be delighted to tell you everything. That’s all with a craft beer in-hand, of course!

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