Stop whatever you’re doing! Today we’re going on a musical journey, one which will mark a pivotal turning point on the music you listen to. We’re stepping into the world of jazz. For many people this genre of music seems inaccessible, that is until you put your headphones on and listen to Ella Fitzgerald, Thelonious Monk or Ala.Ni. You know what we’re talking about, right? Great, well turn the volume up because we’re using the rhythm of jazz to discover the world.

First stop: this could be no other than New York. You can still feel the essence of the famous jazz clubs from the 1920s in such emblematic places like Village Vanguard on 7th Avenue with Greenwich and Smalls Jazz Club, found in a basement on 10th Street, which is, without a doubt, somewhere to have an unforgettable time. Have you written this down? We’re changing city!


Second stop: Madrid. If there is a reason to fall in love with this city it’s the wide range of diverse plans that you can find. But today, we’re heading straight to Café Central at Plaza del Ángel 10. This is one of the best places to immerse yourself in the unique world of jazz. And that’s not all! In the neighborhood of Malasaña, in downtown Madrid, we can find Sala Clamores. This is a sure-fire bet as many of the jazz greats have passed through its doors. Are you enjoying yourself so far? Yes? Well let’s continue!

Third stop: Mexico City. With the use of speakeasies, those from Mexico City have known how to keep this musical universe alive. The Zinco Jazz Club upholds the atmosphere of a bar which mixes urban and modern styles on one of the busiest streets in the Mexican city. On the other hand, if you feel like a gastronomic plan, while staying in a picturesque setting, El Convite is the best bet.

Fourth stop: Amsterdam. The personality that awaits you in each nook and cranny is what makes this Dutch city a paradise for everyone who loves this genre of music. It’s difficult to choose out of so many options. Where would you like us to go first? Bimhuis, the world’s most well-known jazz club? Or we could start at Jazz Café Alto or Casablanca? This time, we’ll let you decide for yourself.

What did you think of this musical journey? You already know that we love showing you places that nobody else will show you, but if you have any questions, we are in all of these places to help you and make your trip even more fun.


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