With all the Barcelona shopping guides available on the internet, you’ll be wondering what’s so different about this one. We’ve wanted to get away from the typical lists of “the best shops in Barcelona” and we’ve taken the plunge to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Because life is complicated enough as it is, we want to make it easier for you. You’re welcome.


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Markets have gone from being the weekend ‘department stores’ for mothers and grandmothers, to the coolest places to go shopping in the city.

In Barcelona there are original second hand markets such as ON the Garage (Calle Zamora, 78), a collaborative market that is held on the third weekend of every month. Its philosophy lies in sustainability and useful recycling, therefore as well as buying; you’ll also have the chance to swap items. A use can be found for everything!

Flea Market is the veteran of the Barcelona street markets. Ever since 2007, Flea Market has been set up in Plaza Blanquerna; here anyone can set up their marquees and sales points for quite accessible prices. You’ll find all sorts here: clothes, music, art pieces, games, jewellery, and more!


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Proof that fashion goes round in circles. That’s why it’s not strange that vintage is in fashion and that second hand shops are shooting up like tulips in the spring.

If you’ve got clothes from your parents or grandparents- keep them! You’ll end up wearing them (that’s if you aren’t already). And if not, you’ll always find the ‘most current’ trend and at the best price in shops like Holala! Plaza (Plaza Castelia, 2), La Principal Retro & Co (Calle Valldonzella 52) and Produit National Brut (Calle Ramalleres, 17), with its flagship store in France, it brings clothes, accessories and vintage objects from countries such as the United Kingdom, Holland and America.

Are you more into collectors’ items? Well here’s an alternative for you. At Babelia Books & Coffee (Calle Villaroel, 27), as well as having a coffee and enjoying one of its handmade desserts, you can sit down and calmly read one of the second hand books, take a look and the comic exhibitions or posters and even photographs that it tends to house.


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me charm as a vintage shop, but the shops and leisure options are countless. Admit it, I bet you let temptation get the better of you every time you step foot inside one. That’s their magic!

Barcelona has very recommendable shopping centres such as Maremagnum (Muelle de España, 5), in the middle of Port Vell, which has sea views. La Maquinista (Calle de Potosí, 2), is another option; it’s the biggest shopping centre in Catalonia, with almost 250 shops, including an Apple Store.

And of course, if you’re mad about technology, the Digital Store by Media Markt (Avenida Diagonal, 477) is a must for you. This Digital Store has huge screens that will help you in your search and it has a robot that will handle your orders. There’s also a Kids Zone and a Gaming Zone; perfect if you’re going with children. Welcome to the future.


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These conceptual stores are here to surprise and inspire. Sometimes they’re more of a museum than a shop. And being a hub of trends, design and creativity, Barcelona seems like the ideal place for this type of business.

Mar de Cava (Calle Valencia, 293) was one of the first concept stores in Barcelona. It was born as a kind of study to house projects from different artistic disciplines. Without knowing it, its creator was sowing the seed for a new trend. Today, Mar de Cava sells accessories and design objects, as well as hosting events and workshops in the most colourful, exuberant space.

Other concept stores have followed in its wake, such as Grey Street (Calle Peu De La Creu, 25), and the recently opened Nuovum (Calle Pintor Fortuny, 30).


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This is what was missing from the list, right? Just like a good dessert, we’ve saved the best till last.

La Boquería (La Rambla, 91) is the most important food market in Barcelona. It’s been a long time since it opened (halfway through the 19th century), but these days it still offers local and international gastronomy without losing an ounce of quality. It is so famous that it even has its own merchandise for fans, with aprons, recipe books, mugs and tea towels.

If you visit the Catalonian capital this spring 2018, you’ll almost definitely be there for the reopening of the incredible Mercat de Sant Antoni (Calle Conde de Urgell, 1), which is currently being reformed.

In Barcelona, there’s no lack of gastronomic festivals on wheels either, where you can fill your boots with Catalan and foreign specialities in the most unexpected places. Don’t miss out on the Mercat Gastronómada Van Van or the All Those Food Trucks market.

And after all that, it’s time to relax. Or have you still got some energy left? Whatever you feel like, you can find it at our boutique hotels in Barcelona. Room Mate is waiting for you!

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