Discover Rotterdam’s Best Kept Secrets

Know anything about this city? Perhaps you never thought to include it on your list of destinations, but Rotterdam is fast becoming Holland’s most daring, modern, commercial and artistic city.

We ask how a city that was practically destroyed in the Second World War could be transformed into a modern industrial metropolis. So here are the reasons why you should start looking for a space in your diary for a getaway to discover Rotterdam.

Diversity of shapes: one of the main reasons to visit Rotterdam is its modern architecture, which you’ll find on every one of its streets. Among the most significant and spectacular buildings you’ll find the Cube Houses, Erasmus Bridge (or “The Swan,” as locals call it), the surprising Nieuwe Luxor Theater, the Euromast Tower (the tallest in Holland) and Timmerhuis (the new modular city hall). One of the best routes you can take through the city is on board the Spido, a boat that takes you on a tour of the port and the city’s most attractive sights. If you’re a lover of design in general, you’ll be fascinated just taking a stroll with your camera down any of the city’s main arteries.

A city surrounded by art: without a doubt, this is a city that encourages creativity through the personality it transmits. You simply must visit Rotterdam’s most iconic museums. You’ll find the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen where you’ll see works by Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Dalí. If modern art is more your thing, take a walk around the Kunsthal. And if photography is your passion, Nederland Photomuseum is the place for you. If, on the other hand, you prefer something more alternative, we recommend the SS Rotterdam, an old cruise ship converted into a maritime museum. Are you taking notes? We hope so! Although art isn’t just to be enjoyed in the museums; throughout the city you’ll find graffiti that will leave you speechless.

For foodies: the variety of food offerings you’ll find is immense; the combination of design and gastronomy is so much more that an augmented reality. Got a pen and paper ready? Start by visiting Markthal, the old market where you’ll find food from all over the world, before taking a stroll through the city to the Katendrecht neighborhood. There you can enjoy the Fenix Food Factory, a fine example of the reconversion of spaces in incredible settings, or Op Het Dak, a restaurant with an urban orchard on the roof. That’s right! On the roof! But if what you’re really looking for is to discover the history of the city before the Second World War, you have to head for the Delfshaven neighborhood. It still has all the charm of the old city and is the perfect place to enjoy a local Rotterdam beer while enjoying the views of the canal.

Rotterdam at night: if you enjoy good music, don’t worry. You’ll find everything you can think of here. The nightlife offering is very interesting; one area we know you’ll love is Witte de Withstraat, with a great atmosphere and filled with bars, restaurants and places to enjoy an after dinner drink.

And even better, before long you’ll meet BRUNO, the best host you’ll find in Rotterdam, who’ll tell you all the city’s secrets.

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