Fashion Design – Head V’s Heart

“The clothes that I design and everything I’ve done is about life and how people live and how they want to live and how they dream they’ll live. That’s what I do” – Ralph Lauren


Since the dawn of time man has designed and created. It’s how we’ve evolved, and without that first animal skin, stitched with dried tendons and a bone needle, we would not have the multibillion pound fashion industry that we have today.


Fashion Design – Head V’s Heart


In the ever evolving fashion landscape, the design of what we wear remains the most important aspect of it. Great design is appreciated in all forms, it inspires and delights, and enhances our lives in many forms.


“The principle of the design – the harmony, rhythm and balance are all the same with interior and fashion design” – Venus Williams


Fashion Design – Head V’s Heart


This is true in so many ways, the feeling that you get from wearing a beautifully designed bespoke suit is the same as that, which you get when entering a stunning boutique hotel like those available at Room Mates Hotels. It’s all about enhancing our lives and creating an experience that makes us feel good. With our lives becoming increasingly busier and with the demands that our careers place upon us, we need every opportunity we can get to feel good about ourselves and take that moment of aspirational escapism that we feel when wearing beautifully designed clothing or immersing ourselves in a beautifully designed hotel.


With the continued advances in technology fashion design has splintered in to two very conflicting concepts. Techno-geek designers are storming ahead with wearable tech, with suits that can charge your phone on your morning commute to a running top that will measure your heart rate and track your performance. Fabrics are highly engineered for maximum performance after years of scientific research. Items are designed using computer programmes, the parts of which are then produced using 3D printing. This is the ‘head’ concept: research, future, money, expansion.


On the flip side of this other designers, concerned with this dramatic ascent into new concepts are taking a more traditional approach. Designs are created on paper before each piece of raw silk is hand cut and hand sewn. They are then embellished, with each stitch lovingly applied. This is the ‘heart’ concept: emotion, feeling, love, warmth.


Fashion Design – Head V’s Heart


Is either of these approaches wrong? No, they both offer intensely creative design, and both afford the ability to make us all feel incredible when we experience it. It’s this desire that keeps the industry moving, and without it neither concept would survive.


We don’t need fashion to survive, we just desire it so much” – Marc Jacobs





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