Maybe you think Valentine’s Day is holiday invented by retailers –just an excuse to buy cards and gifts. Be that as it may, it’s still a great time of year for a romantic getaway with that special someone. And that special someone can even be a friend. Why not? It’s February, off-season, it’s still cold outside (the perfect weather for snuggling up), and there are several destinations that offer unique experiences.

Now that you have the perfect excuse, check out the most romantic getaways for Valentine’s Day 2018.


Granada has enough history, tradition and wealth for a lifetime of falling in love.

Walks along the cobbled streets of the Albaicín, sunsets overlooking the Alhambra from the St. Nicholas viewpoint, and romantic adventures in the city’s intimate patios are experiences to share with someone special.

True passion is found at Granada’s flamenco shows, which can be enjoyed at the Los Tarantos caves or El Templo del Flamenco while trying some local ‘granaínas’ tapas.

Deeply in love and want to get even more romantic? Visit the gardens of the Palacio de los Córdova and find the fountain of eternal love, a place packed with legends and a popular spot for getting engaged. Who knows? Maybe you’ll come back from your trip with some good news for your parents.

You can also surprise your better half with original plans like a balloon ride over the Old Town or a circuit in the historic El Bañuelo Arab baths.

And when the moon crowns the Alhambra, it’s time to have a drink and a talk about your day overlooking the city on the terrace at Room Mate Leo.


This is your city for a luxurious Valentine’s Day. And if you’re both art lovers, you’ll enjoy Florence’s internationally renowned historical and artistic heritage all the more.

Feel like royalty as you walk around the Palazzo Pitti, a Renaissance palace that was once home to kings and today is one of the largest art galleries in Florence.

Behind the palace you’ll find the Boboli Gardens, an immense park with trees and statues perfect for getting lost in. An unbeatable spot for proposing marriage. You’ll definitely get a yes!

Time for a sweet treat. Order an exotic ice cream from the Gelateria della Passera and enjoy a walk along the Arno River to see its iconic bridges, like the Ponte Vecchio and the Ponte Santa Trinita. Your chance to take some postcard-perfect photos.

You also can’t miss the Vía Tornabuoni, the high-end shopping street where you find an exclusive gift for him/her. The occasion calls for it!

Piazzale Michelangelo may be one of those places that everybody knows about, but it’s the company you’re in that will make it special. Along with, of course, the breathtaking sunsets you can see here, some of the world’s best. Now all you need is a few glasses of wine. Cheers!

And what better way to enjoy a great getaway than with a stay at a classic 19th-century building in the heart of the city? Room Mate Isabella is the perfect hotel for your Valentine’s Day in Florence.


Getting lost in Istanbul is an experience of light, color, smell and taste that heightens all five senses, making this getaway an unbeatable place for that complete disconnection you so desperately need. The perfect combo!

The historic Ağa Hamamı is a must-see. These 15th-century Turkish baths were the private hamman for the sultan and his sons. Now, you can enjoy a relaxing couple’s massage topped off with a ‘relaxing cup of Maghrebi mint tea’ and a shisha to share.

After relaxing and unwinding at the baths, it’s time to liven things up a bit in Beyoğlu, the city’s most vibrant district. İstiklal Avenue is the place if you’re looking to go from bar to bar. The perfect opportunity for discovering new flavors like Salep, a traditional sweet drink with a reputation as an aphrodisiac. Istanbul sets the mood for you!

And after dark, a night cruise on the Bosphorus offers a stunning way to see the Istanbul skyline, dotted with mosques and beautifully-lit palaces.

Tip: Add dinner and a belly dance show to your cruise, but don’t tell your significant other. Surprise!

And there’s still more for you both to discover. You’ll find the best reflection of Istanbul’s personality at the Room Mate Emir, with its innovative and colorful designs housed inside a historic building. A unique spot for your Turkish passion.


How could we not include the ‘City of Love’ on a list of the best getaways for Valentine’s Day?

The movie Amélie not only laid the foundations of hipster romanticism, but it also taught us that touring Paris by bike with your significant other is the most romantic way to see the city.

And you can’t forget Montmartre. Despite the crepe restaurants packed with tourists, this neighborhood was once a haven of artists and intellectuals. A night stroll through its streets will unveil a more authentic Montmartre. Check out the “Je t’aime” wall with its declarations of love in 300+ languages and tell that special someone “I love you” in Chinese.

If you’re looking from some alone time away from the bustling Parisian center, you can find it at the Parc des Buttes Chaumont. This idyllic hilly park, a few stops from the Gare du Nord train station, features lakes, waterfalls, and even a suspension bridge. Its 30-meter-high (almost 100 feet) neoclassic viewpoint provides breathtaking views of the city. And there’s no better way to top off a morning at the park than with a ‘formule’ for lunch or a brunch at Le Pavillon du Lac restaurant. Bon appétit.

However, the most original plan for Valentine’s Day in Paris is perhaps the Montpartnasse Tower skating rink. If adventure is your thing, you’ll love this: you can go for a spin on the ice rink, perched no more and no less than 200 meters (over 650 feet) above the ground, on the 59 floor of the Montpartnasse Tower with a 360º view of Paris. Sounds great, right?


You may have heard about the breathtaking views from the Empire State Building at night or the bucolic Bow Bridge in Central Park. But there’s a lot more to New York than just that. And even more so on Valentine’s Day. Since you’re going to New York, why not make Valentine’s Day worthy of a movie?

Remember than scene with the pottery wheel in Ghost? Relive it with your special someone at one of the city’s pottery workshops. You can also take your pottery pieces home with you. Valentine’s Day gift: done.

You can also plan to get a little “education”: The Museum of Sex will amaze you with its collection of interesting objects, photos and even interactive exhibitions. The best way to awaken the imagination (and creativity!).

A romantic dinner? Forget about getting a table at one of the city’s trendy spots. There’s a more authentic way to go. You probably remember the mythical scene when Meg Ryan faked an orgasm in a restaurant in ‘When Harry Met Sally’. It was shot in one of the most emblematic restaurants in New York: The Katz Delicatessen.

We don’t recommend faking an orgasm while you’re there, but try Katz’s famous pastrami sandwich. It’s not the fanciest meal in the world, but what romantic comedy is it?

Before you put ‘Fin’ to this Hollywood-worthy getaway, add an unexpected twist to your script and finish off Valentine’s Day with a plan to beat them all. Poolside cocktail at the Room Mate Grace. In the heart of Times Square. You. That special someone. Think about it.

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