Room Mate Giulia is located in a 19th century palace in the heart of the historical centre of Milan and it is incorporated in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II compound. The Duomo and Piazza della Scala, with the world-famous theatre, are really just around the corner, but also the luxurious Montenapoleone Street and San Babila square are situated at a walking distance. The structure is surrounded by other historical buildings and it is very well served by the public transport.

According to the information made available, the historical building was built around 1923. It was previously occupied for offices by a famous national bank and then remained vacant for about 6 years before Room Mate Giulia opened.

The prestigious building has 6 floors above ground level, one attic floor and one basement floor for a total of more than 5.000 sq.m. surface.

The main facade is toward Via Silvio Pellico where the main pedestrian access is located at number 4.

Furthermore, in Via Silvio Pellico there is a second pedestrian entrance and the car parking access which is through a mechanical car lift system located at ground level.

This car elevator system was used by the previous tenant, the above mentioned national bank, to provide a direct access to the armoured vehicles to the underground level containing the bank safes and to park the vehicles.

In accordance with the urban planning regulation and limitations, the required complete refurbishment for a new occupation respected the external and internal architecture of the building. The main external facade faces Via Silvio Pellico. And the other facades face internal courtyards and are also protected and have been restored following the original design. All of the courtyards are made in concrete and stone, characterized by the Milan neoclassic architecture. No changes on facade or external heights made it possible for the building to maintain its original historical charm and specific value.

Also of note is the main staircase built with a structural solution which give the impression of “flying steps”.

The renovation of the building took just 15 months. Room Mate Giulia opened in March 2016 and it is the third hotel of the chain in Italy, adding to those located in Florence, Room Mate Luca and Room Mate Isabella. It features 85 rooms, with a breakfast bar, gym and spa.

The architect Patricia Urquiola is the creator of the exclusive design.  Thanks to the designer’s skill Room Mate Giulia has a new, fresh and welcoming style. The hotel has a great connection with the city of Milan in the use of materials and elements. The use of pink marble reminiscent of the Duomo. Terracotta bricks, which are typical of Milanese architecture. The repeated geometric patterns which reflect the rigour of the city and also refer to the graphic arts, an important element of the cultural history of Milan. The building really delivers a remarkable visual impact: “severe from the outside, expressive inside,” as said by Patricia Urquiola.

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