Guide to Surviving Halloween in New York

If you’re looking for a new destination for this fall: stop right now! We’ve done the work for you and we know you’re going to love it, although thinking about it, who wouldn’t love discovering “the Big Apple”? And so, if it’s possible to add another reason to visit New York, we’ve found it: have the best Halloween of your life.

First of all you need to pick a scary and original costume, with the aim of leaving an impression on everyone and triumphing wherever you go. Have you got one in mind.

Trick or treat? The best answer to this question is always “treat”, and you’ll have a bag full of candy, otherwise you risk the kids playing a little prank on you. If you want to witness one of the most traditional experiences of this party, we recommend that you pass through West Village after 7pm.

The soul of Halloween, the costume parties. One of the most famous is held in Central Park; here you will enjoy a costume parade, live music and terrifying stories. Without a doubt though, the most beautiful part of the party is the jack-o-lanterns parade, in which you’ll see loads of carved, lit-up pumpkins around Lake Harlem Meer. You’ll be lost for words, guaranteed.

Another party that you can’t miss out on is the Village Halloween Party. This starts with a spectacular parade, where witchcraft, ghosts and death all take center-stage. Although, honestly, you’ll find the most unexpected costumes in the world. Make a note of its location, it starts at 7pm and goes down Sixth Avenue until Spring Street. Plan the best October 31 possible, because you cannot miss out on this event.

Have you jotted down all of the details to survive Halloween in the city of “Gotham”? Even if you have, if you want to discover the city’s most secluded spots, don’t hesitate to ask Grace, nobody knows New York’s best kept secrets better than she does.

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