Hidden spots in Times Square

We have all seen Times Square in bunch of movies and tv shows and, of course if we travel to NY it’s a priority landmark that any visitor would never miss. In this area, you can feel New York’s vibrant energy: just a few blocks contain so much life, art and multicultural influences. But there are still places where mostly locals go and it’s worth making a stop for a different taste of NYC.

Bryant Park, just one block away from Times Square, is a beautiful oasis surrounded by skyscrapers. From May through October this is a wonderful place to take a break – lay down on the grass or sit in a chair. Here you can find Breads and bakery, which has a little kiosk at the North-West tip of Bryant Park. Our favorite is the delicious chocolate babka, made with Nutella; you can also try the cinnamon version- or their small croissants always fresh and soft (called Chocolate Rugelach). It’s a bit overpriced but worth it if you want to treat yourself once a while.



Gyu-Kaku Japanese Bbq is unique in that each table has a bar-b-que grill in the middle where you can choose to cook your own food. They have great lunch specials with affordable prices and good portions, it’s one of the few places with a late happy hour to enjoy tasty food and cocktails. Gyu-Kaku is an excellent choice for groups- you can pick one of their bbq menus with several types of meat and sides and cook it on your own private grill. This place gets busy so it’s a good idea to make reservations.



Who doesn’t want to relax in an indoor pool with a cocktail in hand after a long walk in the city? This unique place, Dip Aqua bar lounge in Room Mate Grace, just a step away from Times Square, is a sophisticated lounge with pool views, great cocktails and pleasant music. Happy hour is everyday 5-7pm so you won’t have to worry about crazy prices in the area.



Jimmy’s corner is a very peculiar place in the middle of the concrete jungle. It’s owned by Jimmy Glenn, a former boxer. Practically a hole in the wall but so charming you might never see another place like this. Walls are covered with Jimmy’s photos and press publications during his career. You will most likely see Jimmy sitting in a chair among his clients.



Writted by Ángela García, Room Mate Grace

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