Lorenzo Castillo

All the ‘decor’ keys from the famous interior designer and antiquarian.

An investment in decor: Fabric and lighting, both essential.

Season trend: Wallpapers, be they geometric, floral or figurative with Toile de Jouy type scenes.

Own favourite design: The Janano fabric and Vetusta wallpaper, both designed for Gastón y Daniela. And the Escorial rug for The Rug Company.

Fetish materials: Noble and natural ones, that age and form patina with time and usage.

Sources of inspiration: Spain, its art, its history, and my walks around Madrid admiring its façades and architecture.

«A dream? That decor be made accessible to all»

At First Sight

ID: Born in Madrid, 1968. Studies History and soon becomelorenzo castillos involved in the world of antiques.

MOTTO: Unconditional advocate of mix & match and of “liveable spaces you can enjoy”.

‘TOP’ JOBS: Renovating Room Mate Grace (NY) and the Loewe store on Gran Vía in Madrid.

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