There is nothing like celebrating our country, and Mexicans do it in so many ways. Here we give you some options to make of Independence Day an unforgettable party.

More than 200 years by now, we all are celebrating the birth of an independent nation as party animals; we all share a taste of our gastronomy with all the world, including deserts, typical dishes and the famous “Tequila” which, after a couple drinks, makes everyone a real Mexican.

So, enjoy this tour around the most emblematic places of the capital shouting at the same time: “¡Viva México!”



The greatest monument dedicated to the Independence of Mexico and one of the most representative icons of the city, is dressed up to make everybody sing and dance. There is a big stage which shows new and not too new Mexican talents who year by year put the party on Reforma street, the main avenue in Mexico City and the most glamorous one. | Time from Room Mate Valentina: 5 minutes walk



This magic neighborhood of Mexico City, has been highlighted since 1930 as the Mariachi´s home. That is why this is one of the favorite places when people decide to celebrate on September 15th. Its main square, decorated by a modern building which enclose the Tequila and Mezcal Museum, is filled with popular Mexican music and people who love to sing accompanied by guitars, trumpets and violins, holding a microphone in one hand and a glass of tequila in the other. If you are a regional Mexican music lover and you like to sing and dance until dawn, Garibaldi is definitely your place. | Time from Room Mate Valentina: 25 minutes by taxi.



In the north of the city, the square of Azcapotzalco, every year surprises with its special guests. Every September 15th there is a stage set up with great exponents of contemporary Mexican music. The musical diversity goes from pop to band music and the party starts from 5:00 pm. There are also small stalls around the square where you can enjoy some Mexican dishes, while enjoying the concert that ends after midnight. | Time from Room Mate Valentina: 40 minutes by taxi.



The town of Benito Juárez is not far behind when it comes to celebrating. Its main square offers a concert full of different kinds of music to sing and dance all night. To accompany the good music there are added endless places where you can taste typical Mexican food and at night you can see the characteristic fireworks of the Independence Day. Many people gather to shout “Viva México” as one voice, showing with their joy what Mexicans are made of. | Time from Room Mate Valentina: 45 minutes by taxi.



In the heart of the city, the great ceremony takes place: it’s all about protocol where the president of Mexico and his family head the famous shout “viva México” as they wave the flag and ring the bells of the National Palace. But even the solemn ceremony is free from our festive spirit, the president’s voice stops as the fireworks fill the night sky with beautiful lights that turn on the senses of all visitors. The dance and the music of famous national icons kick start the celebrations from an imposing stage, which is turned off too late at night. | Time from Room Mate Valentina: 25 minutes by taxi.



Coyoacán is a jewel in Mexico City. It is a beautiful colonial town mixed of two worlds, traditional and cosmopolitan.  This magic town is a perfect place to enjoy the national party. Our best recommendation is a long walk through its cobbled streets to the centre of the village, where warm lights, discreet music and the serenity of its surroundings invite you to spend a party away from the noise of the city without leaving it. | Time from Room Mate Valentina: 40 minutes by taxi.



In Room Mate Valentina, we know how to celebrate Independence Day, and we do it in the Mexican way but keeping our roomie essence. In Valentina, we do not rest; our work, our philosophy brings us even closer to the guests that day, in which we become true friends. Our delicious drink, mescal, is prepared as tradition prescribes it, with salt and lemon to accompany, inviting our roomies to join us to the party. The music, hugs, photos, happy conversations, and a loud and long ¡Cheers! lead us all night to make this, our party, a special day for everyone.

By Edgar Fuentes & Arturo Muñoz (AUTHORS)

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