Secrets of Madrid

Madrid is a city where happiness is found around every corner, a place that has the ability to surprise not only those who visit it, but those who have lived here for years. Today we’d like to reveal the capital’s best kept secrets, a series of tips guaranteed to turn you into an authentic “madrileño”. Ready? Let’s go!

  • The most beautiful sky in the world: or at least one of the most beautiful you’ll ever see, but if you want to watch an unbeatable sunset, there are places that will be forever printed in your memory, like the terrace of our Room Mate Óscar. We recommend that you bring your smartphone fully charged, because you’ll want to take a photo of every inch of the city. We promise!

  • A basic survival dictionary: if there’s one thing you should know before visiting the Spanish capital, it’s that the locals have a very authentic, or rather, very castiza way of speaking. Don’t worry, you’ll pick it up en cero coma (in no time). Sobar (sleep), adobarse (self-invite) and teki (taxi) will be the three words that will make your trip as smooth as possible, and even more importantly, no one will ever guess you’re not a local.


  • Bits and pieces from the rest of the world: yes, yes…you read that right! Did you know that there is a piece of the Berlin Wall in Madrid? The German capital wanted the madrileños to also remember this dark chapter of Berlin history, which is why three blocks of the wall with their original graffiti intact are now housed in Parque de Berlin. Amazing! Right?


  • Go back in time: And when we talk about going back, we don’t mean to the MovidaMadrileña; we’re talking about ancient Egypt and the Temple of Debod, a 2,200-year-old shrine that Egypt donated to Spain as a sign of gratitude for the help the country provided in saving the Nubian temples. There’s nothing you can’t find in Madrid! Right?

As you can see, Madrid is a magical city, a place where the streets breathe tolerance, diversity and a range of differences, so much so that we know that you’ll fall helplessly in love the moment you discover the city. And if you don’t, just let our Mario, Óscar and our dear Laura and  Alicia know!

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