Shoesandbasics in New York City

I love New York! It’s one of those cities that you have to visit at least once in your life, because there, everything’s magic… It doesn’t matter if you’ve already been, New York always welcomes you with open arms, it always wins you over, time and time again, just like it did that very first day.

Who hasn’t dreamt about breakfast at Tiffany’s? Who hasn’t wanted to go to a Broadway musical? There are things that can only be done by visiting The City that Never Sleeps, the city of cinema and tourists, fashion and gastronomy.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamt about strolling through Central Park, having a coffee on the famous pier that Billy Cristal and Meg Ryan graced in When Harry Met Sally, or going shopping on Fifth Avenue. Needless to say, many of Hollywood’s greatest films have taken us to this city a thousand times, introducing us to its emotions, its customs, its legendary places… Times Square, the famous Empire State Building or the Rockefeller Center are just a few. I can assure you that when you step foot in this city, everything changes. The feeling is completely different… New York never disappoints.


But that’s not all; New York also has its series. Who hasn’t seen Sex and the City and marvelled in the stories of Carrie and her girlfriends? Thanks to them, having brunch at Pastis, in the heart of the Meatpacking district home to Samantha, tastes so much better, and visiting 66 Perry Street has become an essential stop-off for any fan. Then there’s the fabulous Gossip Girl which takes us on a tour through Upper East Side, one of the trendiest areas in the city, and the elegant Madison Avenue where we can dream of buying all the latest styles seen in the most popular shows.

This is where we’ll also find Barneys, Lanvin, and Balenciaga – just to name a few – which is why it’s no surprise that the streets of the Big Apple are the biggest catwalk in the world, where you never stop dreaming.

Yet, if I tell the truth, the true magic of the city lies in letting yourself get carried away, immersing yourself in its streets, parks, tucking into a hot dog while looking for a second-hand shop around Soho, enjoying yourself in good company at the Old Town Bar, listening to good music in Greenwich Village, birthplace of the artistic and boho culture, where artists like Bob Dylan, Barbra Streisand and Joan Baez all started out singing in the legendary bars, having a hot coffee on the steps of the renowned national library or spending New Year’s Eve in the city and stealing a kiss while the famous ball drops in Times Square, the best stage to display life in the city with its big screen and streets brimming with people, because if there’s one place that reflects New York, it is without a doubt this square, central and full of life within reach of all of the Big Apple’s best sights. Let’s imagine the feeling of seeing New York life through our window… impressive, isn’t it? It would be as if we were on the set of one of those films or TV series that constantly come to mind, which, together with the Statue of Liberty, are the biggest icons of the Big Apple.

These are just some of the reasons to visit New York, to keep coming back and to never get tired of loving the city that never fails to surprise, the city that always waits for you.

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