The Frogs’ Market

The Frogs’ Market is an open-door activity where the Barrio de las Letras shops open their doors the first Saturdays of every month, and their products spill out on to the street, like an open-air market. In addition, the hotel establishments offer numerous attractions to provide a great offer to all visitors.

Infrog market this way, Barrio de las Letras becomes a well-known shopping area, emulating other famous markets in the main cities of the world, such as Portobello Road or Camden Market, in London; the famous New York flea markets such as Hell’s Kitchen or Soho Antiques Fair & Collectibles; or the Parisian Flea Market of Saint-Ouen. Unlike these markets, the establishments of Barrio de las Letras bring out the most representative of each establishment, to share with all visitors (national and international) the commercial, touristic, cultural and gastronomic offer.

The Frogs’ Market owes its name to “Cantarranas” Street (“Lope de Vega” Street currently), located in Barrio de las Letras. The Street was called “Cantarranas” due to the large number of frogs that were found in the ponds of the gardens of San Jerónimo Convent in the Seventeenth Century.

This project was born with the aim of offering the visitor a novel and  comprehensive shopping experience. There are often accompanying events aimed at highlighting the goods on offer in the neighborhood with different themes, such as art, decoration, fashion, gastronomy, etc..

The objective of the Frogs’ Market is to promote the economic development of Barrio de las Letras, and to promote Madrid as a national and international tourist destination. This market is driven by the Merchant’s Association of Barrio de las Letras, along with Madrid’s Town Hall, and with the support of the hotel sector and various institutions and public and private entities of the neighborhood.

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