The streets of New York breathe fashion

The streets of New York breathe fashion

Call it what you will, but let yourself be carried away by its style!

Some cities inspire the fashion world, others live and revel in it, and then there are those few exceptional cities that simply create fashion. New York is the epitome of this concept. Year after year, its streets set the trends around the world and it’s impossible to resist its vision of revelling in style. By simply walking through its streets you realise that the entire city breathes fashion and every breath you take leaves you craving even more of its air.

Perhaps this is only achieved by being able to juxtapose styles and putting them together to live in harmony. We need to get rid of this thought that, in this city, the only fashion is the sophisticated style of the Upper East Side high class. New York is also a city of gangs, streets, hip-hop, Harlem basketball courts, the ultra-chic Soho, Brooklyn’s hipster ghetto, Central Park’s fitness enthusiasts and the magical mayhem of Chinatown and Little Italy. Each and every resident of these neighbourhoods sets their own fashion trends, steeped in attitude and irreverence, casting fear aside to let their personality shine through in the face of social conventions.

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This is why it’s not surprising to find flawless tailored suits in the financial district and oversized sweatshirts in more urban settings. The fashions range from the most modern minimalist styles to the boldest prints, colours and accessories in the most multi-cultural and diverse areas. But the brilliant thing is that these clothes can suddenly find themselves taking the iconic city subway to end up in a completely different neighbourhood, creating a “very inspiring displacement” just like the off-the-wall suit jackets designed by Jeremy Scott with their smart cut and casual prints.

Plus, they know how to export, better than anyone else, any clothing associated with the New Yorker culture. Hoodies, pairing luxury creations with second-hand items, dispelling the fear of oversized clothes or sandals in the middle of winter (or boots in summer); the police force’s logo, the immaculate pin-striped suits of the financial sector’s executives, satin bomber jackets or personalised jewellery, woollen bonnets, brightly coloured outfits or the boho setting that you see in parks.

And, without any doubt, the city harnesses this power twice a year when it celebrates Fashion Week, the international reference for American designers and the New Yorker style. Attendees, from the world over, spread the word of this iconism and are inspired by the mix and match of a city that alternates between elegance and glamour and casual and street wear.

No doubt about it, there is an eternal line of fashion trends in New York that inevitably manage to grab everyone’s attention thanks to its versatility and spontaneity. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the style exuded by this city as you wander the streets, immersed in its dizzying way of life.

This is why New York has unquestionably brought a breath of fresh air to the fashion world, in every way, be it through its designers, stylists or models showcased during its fashion week that always go that step further, and manage to come up with new ideas. Could you imagine a world with confines? Maybe. But it would be a world far from the city that never sleeps.


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