Things not to miss if you are in Mexico this Easter

If you are already thinking about your Easter holidays, this article is for you. We all love Easter because, for most of us at least, it’s a time when we get  a few days off from work to relax – almost like mini summer vacations. If you want to take a different kind of trip this year and get off the beaten track, explore a new country and culture and get back to work with an incredible energy and renewed in body and mind, what about Mexico?

Easter in Mexico is special and is one of its best-known religious celebrations. Take the chance to get on a plane and get swept away by the richness of Mexican culture. The country has so many events and processions that you don’t want to miss out on! Today we are going to show you the most traditional places to visit at Easter in Mexico.

The Taxco Procession. The town of Taxco is one of the most beautiful in Mexico. If you are going to be there for Easter, you’ll want to witness many of the ceremonial processions and the Procession of the Souls is one of the most impressive and solemn that you’ll ever see. Visit the Parish of Santa Prisca, the best example of 18th century colonial architecture in Taxco. Don’t forget to visit the many craft shops either, where silver of the highest quality is sold.

The celebration of Chihuahua. If you are looking for something different and unique, I would certainly recommend the celebration dance of the Tarahumaras. This event has over 400 years of history behind it and is one of the most fascinating Easter celebrations in the world. Particular highlights are the celebrations with drums, the descent of the dancers from the hills and the burning of a dry grass effigy of Judas in traditional dress. A very original and striking show!

Walk on dry lava. If you are a little more adventurous and like new experiences, I recommend a visit to the towns of San Juan Parangaricutiro and Angahuan in the state of Michoacán, a heavily fossilised region since the eruption of the Paricutín volcano. You can visit the outskirts of the volcano or enjoy horseback riding, quad biking and cycling. You can also visit the site of old San Juan Parangaricutiro, which was destroyed by the volcano, and see the remains of the famous Christ of Miracles temple.

Mexican holy week

Tlayacapan. Mexico has many breathtakingly beautiful places to visit like this magical town and during Easter this town has a special charm in particular. Visit the former Convent of San Juan Bautista, which houses ancient mummies and is part of the UNESCOprotected Convents Route. At Easter, Tlayacapan gets ready to party and its streets are filled with processions. Besides the traditional Stages of the Cross procession, the inhabitants of  Tlayacapan dance to the rhythms of live music and create a very cheerful atmosphere that will leave you wanting more.

You’ll want to visit again without a doubt!

 Noelia Jiménez- NOEmeLIA-

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