Where Should You Travel for Spring Break?

Spring Break travel planning can be an overwhelming process. First, you need to decide whether you’re interested in a warm or cool destination. Second, do you want to take a solo trip or something with all of your friends? Third, it’s important to think about what activities will make the trip unforgettable.


In order to help, we’ve devised an interactive quiz to assist in the planning process! Once you’ve taken the quiz, be sure to tag us on Twitter using the hashtag #YouAreItQuiz and share your results.

  1. What is your favorite color?
    1. Blue
    2. Yellow
    3. White
    4. Red
  1. If you could attend any type of concert, which would you choose?
    1. Indie
    2. Pop
    3. Jazz
    4. Rock
  1. What is your cocktail of choice?
    1. Gin and tonic
    2. Piña colada
    3. Moscow mule
    4. Dark and stormy
  1. Who is your favorite celebrity?
    1. Zooey Deschanel
    2. Rhianna
    3. Lindsey Vonn
    4. Adam Levine
  1. What’s your ideal weekend activity?
    1. Brunch followed by a day of antique shopping
    2. A walk on the beach followed by a day of surfing
    3. I like to stay cozy! Movies on the couch wrapped up in a blanket sounds nice to me!
    4. The weekend is all about nightlife – where’s the next party?



Mostly A’s:

You enjoy exploring the off-the-beaten path destinations! We recommend finding a cheap flight to Europe and getting to know the towns that aren’t always filled with tourists. How does a trip to Salamanca or Granada sound?

Salamanca, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is filled with beautiful squares, baroque architecture and stunning palaces. Granada is also home to beautiful chapels, gardens and renaissance architecture.

Mostly B’s:

Your sunny disposition lends itself to a beach vacation! While others may shy away from putting on a swimsuit, you’re always ready to tan in the sand. We recommend you pay a visit to Miami this Spring Break to soak up the beautiful Florida sunshine.

While there, you can take advantage of the delicious restaurants, burgeoning art scene and stunning beachfront location.

Mostly C’s:

This Spring Break, you’re interested in something a bit “cooler.” While some of your friends may prefer to spend their vacations in the sun, you’d much rather try your hand on the ski slopes. We suggest you do a bit of research on Deer Valley and Aspen.

Both locations have incredible skiing and are often frequented by celebrities – so bring your camera!

 Mostly D’s:

When it comes to travel, you prefer to plan around the hottest parties in town. We recommend a trip to New York City this Spring Break! With endless bars, restaurants and clubs, NYC is a nightlife-lover’s dream.

We suggest checking out the Meatpacking District, Lower East Side and Brooklyn for the best clubs and “after-dark” hotspots.

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