Travel trends for 2017

Who doesn’t daydream of travelling, escaping the daily routine and visiting unknown places… perhaps in 2017? This New Year could be the perfect time to travel, explore, make new tracks and find new destinations, and to enjoy all the pleasures which our own world doesn’t offer us. But before you launch into the adventure, you need to know the latest travel trends to get the very best out of your next destination.

In 2017 we’ll be travelling and exploring hitherto unknown routes, listening to our bodies and our minds, and uncovering more personal, less luxurious experiences. Our use of new technology will also change the way we travel. It’s now a lot easier and a much pleasanter experience to look for a hotel or buy a plane ticket. We can plan our journey and our holidays with just a few clicks on our mobiles. The simplicity and convenience of travel apps let us enjoy our trips so much more.

If you’re travelling on business, don’t forget to dedicate your free time to discovering the city. Extending your work trip can be a great way to get out of your routine and an opportunity to find new inspirations and advance your career.

Another trend for 2017 is exploring new parts of the world. We live on an exceptionally beautiful planet and there are always surprising new places to discover and little-known locations to visit. This year, we are being more daring and choosing more exotic, different destinations. Visiting Mexico City or Miami can be incredible experiences, so take the plunge!

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Relaxation is another trend that will make its mark on the coming months. Who wouldn’t appreciate a good massage or a spa break among the hot tubs? More and more people are opting for holidays where they can relax their bodies and minds. If this is the case, your number one priority is to choose a hotel with a special well-being space and a Jacuzzi.

Of course, the little moments during a holiday are one of the things travellers value the most. A glass of wine as the sun sets, a boat trip, a dip in the sea or a romantic meal can all turn into your most treasured memory. And of course if you throw in some great Company, you’re guaranteed a memorable holiday.

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So don’t forget! Travelling is fascinating, and having these kinds of experiences will enrich your life – by the time you come back, you’ll be a whole new person. So pack your bags and explore the world!


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