If there’s one thing Madrid can boast about, that would be its gastronomy. Tapas, traditional recipes, vanguard cuisine and internationally renowned chefs make Madrid the “Tower of Babel” in gastronomy.

 And there’s something new each year. That’s why we’ve made a list of the latest restaurants in Madrid that will be on everyone’s lips in 2018. It couldn’t have been better said.  This is our list of the trendiest restaurants in Madrid for 2018!

Habanera, a little bit of Cuba in Colón Square


 Habanera has been quite the success ever since it opened. So much so that it continues to be one of the trendiest restaurants in the city even in 2018. Going inside Habanera is like going on a trip to Cuba. And although it may sound cliché friends, it’s pura veldá, asere!

You’ll fall right in love with the old walls decorated in the purest of ‘La Habana’ style and the exuberant vegetation in the courtyard. And their Cuban dishes and tapas definitely won’t disappoint.  What’s their secret? Fresh products and a lot of people with a lot of passion.

And if you’re looking for something different, sign up for one of the Habanera cocktail workshops taught by the prestigious bartender Carlos Moreno.

A tip from Mario: order the most Cuban dish: ropa vieja (stewed beef), arroz cangri (black rice) and banana chips.

Calle de Génova, 28

Amazónico, a tropical paradise on the Golden Mile


Located on calle Jorge Juan, known as Madrid’s gastronomy Golden Mile, Amazónico hides no secrets. It’s just as you’d imagine given the name.

A vibrant jungle with music and vegetation that traps you as soon as you enter. The hypnotic fire from the grills flares in its diners’ eyes while the notes from the jazz band blow around the vines and lamps.  Can you already see yourself there?  Now, it’s time to eat!

Although the menu feeds off the gastronomic culture of different countries, the Peruvian and Mexican fusion found in most of the dishes really stands out.

There’s also an Asian touch which really tops off the exoticism of the place: the Japanese bar offers top-quality sushi made by Japanese chef Massanori Miyamoto.

A tip from Laura Tandoori samosa rolls as an appetizer and one of their meat dishes: Picaña al Rodicio. You’ll love it.

Calle Jorge Juan, 20

El Hortera, the ‘con-fusion restaurant’


 Ok. So, the name may not be cool enough (‘Tacky’ in Spanish) for one of the trendiest restaurants in Madrid.  Or maybe it is. But, the truth is El Hortera has the formula for success. And it’s not by chance. Its creators already knew what they wanted to do after bringing us shows like the ones at The Hole or Medias Puri.

The experience is what matters.  And if it’s tacky, even better. And they’ve more than proven so with their five dining rooms with different atmospheres for all tastes where you can find everything from Korean karaoke with food and cocktails to a picnic with the kitschiest of decor. Add in the outlandish shows and signature cocktails… And your night’s been made! Because you have to come to El Hortera with an open mind and a desire to have a super good time.

A tip from Óscar: sample a few of the fresh things on the ‘raw bar’, the lobster burger or one of their ‘huerteradas’.

Calle de la Bolsa 12, Madrid

TriCiclo, a trip back to the beginning


TriCiclo is one of the top restaurants in the Letras district for 2018.  Why not see for yourself? It’s been so successful that its creators, the chefs Javier Goya, Javier Mayor and David Alfonso, already have no less than four restaurants under their belts just like the one we’re telling you about here.

Being at TriCiclo is like going on a trip and coming back feeling as though you’re someone else after all-new experiences. The flavors will take you to different countries and other eras. They know how to get those traditional flavors back all while playing around with a little fusion. If you’re looking for quality and a chance to try new things without all that exuberance… welcome home.

A tip from Alicia: Know what? You’d be better off asking them. There’s no one better than the TriCiclo team to recommend something you’d like with that friendliness they’re known for.  They might even finish cooking that dish right in front of you!

Calle Santa María, 28

Sala Equis, from a porn movie theater to a cultural center


 All of Madrid has long since heard about the re-opening of Sala Equis. It used to be a porn movie theater in the 1980’s but all that was left at the beginning of the 21st century was a luxury open gallery few dared investigate. This year, the Fairy Godmother (aka the promoters of Elimparcial) have reconverted Sala Equis into a cultural and gastronomy center that has become one of the coolest places in Madrid today.

You can still find the movies (but without the X) and now there’s also gastronomy and cocktails in an informal setting. Now, there are bleachers and little tables to sit with your friends and have a few tapas. What a change, huh?

A tip from Alicia: nachos, salad, coconut and lime hummus… a selection of tapas to share. It’s a great place to enjoy an evening with your friends.

Calle Duque de Alba, 4

La Hojaldrería, a love for all things sweet and love (with nothing else)

It’s been said that La Hojaldrería came about through a love story starting two chefs. Maybe that’s why it’s got that reserved and delicate touch that’s so attractive. Not to mention the name. It’s not very common to find places entirely dedicated to the art of puff pastries in Madrid and they’re not only on the menu but also in the concept. That’s why it’s one of the trendiest restaurants in Madrid for 2018.

The building, which years ago used to house a creamery, is now a sort of 19th century Parisian-style café with an interior design that is also inspired by the idea of this famous dough not only because of the colors but also the relief.

At La Hojaldrería, you’ll see (and taste) a job well done.  It’s all artisan-like with works of art like their sweet and salty tartlets, palmiers, croissants and puff pastry potatoes. Quite the pleasure for those with a sweet tooth. And it’s a breath of fresh air for those who like salty food.

A tip from Mario: if you don’t try their famous Wellington hamburger, you haven’t been to La Hojaldrería.

Virgen de los Peligros, 8

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