Show cooking

Have fun and enjoy all the special dishes prepared by our Chefs. Passionate about cooking, they use superior quality ingredients to ensure you enjoy some of their creations every day. Choose the ingredients you prefer and our chef will add some magic in the kitchen.

Wellness Center

It’s time to spend time working on your body and soul. You’re on holiday, and what better time to pamper yourself and treat yourself to a soothing massage or Mindfulness Experience. You’ll return home feeling as good as new.

DJ sunset sessions by the pool

Feel like listening to some great music? Our friend Olivia loves it, and that's why she’s prepared a perfect stage for sunset. A DJ playing great music by the pool. Go with the flow, and if you end up dancing, so what? You’re on holiday!


If you’re planning on focusing on relaxation, sitting down with a good book or just resting, we have areas reserved for adults only which are ideal.