5 things you can not miss in Miami

Welcome to one of my favorite cities in the world – Miami!
Known for its nightlife, warm weather, and beautiful beaches, there is no way you can never go wrong when visiting one of the most popular destinations in the world.

If you want to create original ideas and choose your destiny there is no City better than Miami. Waking up to the beauty that is all around is inspiring. The landscape and way of life can’t be beat by any other city in the US.

Miami is an environment very conducive to individuality. You can do whatever you want and dress however you see fit.

Once you arrive to Miami you will find plenty of restaurants, nightclubs, and beaches you can’t miss. It all depends on what type of experience you’re looking for, here is a guide of my favorite things to do while visiting the #305.

South Beach

First stop South Beach aka “SOBE”, you will be able to enjoy a day at the beach, dip into the blue ocean and tan-away like there’s no tomorrow. Afterwards a mandatory walk by Collins Ave. where you will find plenty of shops to ease your day.

One of my favorite places to stay in Miami is South Beach, the vibe is great and you will find plenty of activities to unwind and have a blast. My top recommendations are The Waldorf Hotel located in the heart of SOBE, next to the famous beach of Ocean Drive; The Waldorf Hotel is a boutique hotel with a renovated space ready for you step in the Miami Vice era. My other top recommendation is the Balford Hotel, also a boutique hotel steps away from the beach and the legendary Collins Ave. You will experience the contemporary areas of the hotel inspired with unique designs; such as a stunning terrace and a striking gym you cant miss!

Room Mate Waldorf hotel

The Webster

For those who want to experience an exclusive shopping experience salvation came in the form of a boutique hotel turned boutique.
Since opening, The Webster has made a name for itself as a prime mover with premium inventory, a must visit when visiting Miami Beach.
After a day of sun bathing and shopping, its time to satisfy your cravings… and Miami has an extensive list of restaurants that will satisfy your empty belly. Here’s some of my favorite restaurants around the area: Fratelli la Buffala, Prime 112, Byblos, Bazaar by Jose Andres, Joes Stone Crab, the newly remodeled “Nobu” and of course the famous Smith and Wollensky.

Miami nightlife

If you are into nightlife Miami is the place to be, from big nightclubs to more chill vibe bars; Miami has it all. One of my personal favorites is “El Tucan”. El Tucan is just more than dinner and a show…think Tropicana Club during the golden age of Cabarets. It is a heartfelt tribute to the glamour of Cuba in the 1940’s. Another great spot for casual drinks is the Living Room at the Faena Hotel, where you can follow up the night by heading to the Saxony bar located inside the hotel for an intimate destination that’s heavy on golden age appeal.

Wynwood Walls

You can’t leave Miami without experiencing some of its new cultural-arts driven destinations. Visiting Wynwood Walls is a must. Completely open to the public Wynwood is the place to go and enjoy the marvelous street art park, featuring over 50 murals from local and internationally renowned street-artists. Casual restaurants, laid back coffee shops, art galleries and shops, also surround the area.

PAAM Art Museum

At last the newly opened PAAM Art Museum and FROST Museum of Science are also worth visiting, to experience the amazing architecture and ground breaking technology features both places have to offer.

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