Plans to do with your friend in summer

The long-awaited holidays have finally arrived – after studying and working throughout the long winter, it’s time to disconnect and have fun for a few days.

The first thing we need to do when planning a holiday is decide on the destination. It’s summer, so the best option is to go for beaches with crystal clear water and spend the first few days relaxing and having fun.

Secondly, we need to check out the best deals to make sure we get a central, comfortable and attractive hotel.

The third, and equally important…just letting ourselves relax and go with the flow!

Many of you probably see your best friends often during the long summer days, so the summer holidays are perfect to be able to do everything we’ve included in that list of “things to do together”

To have a good holiday, you absolutely must eat delicious food, abandon diets and ‘operation bikini’ (even if that seems contradictory), and enjoy different feasts in beach bars and restaurants on the coast so you can eat really well while enjoying the beach and the sun and having a great time.

Anywhere on the coast, it’s always a good idea to improvise and take a chance, so going jet skiing or surfing in the best company is the ideal combination to have a perfect day. Extreme sports are also a good option for those who want to have holidays full of incredible, unbeatable and of course unforgettable sensations. For people like this, going parachuting or paragliding and enjoying the views of the beach at sunset can be an experience worth putting on “the list of things we’ve done but we have to do again”. Don’t you think?

Music is the best companion for any self-respecting trip, so there’s nothing better than a good festival to relieve the pressure of a year full of work.

And as the night is young, a relaxing, delicious dinner in your hotel restaurant and a drink at any trendy pub are the icing on the cake for your holiday plans full of peace, friends and rock and roll.

I don’t know what your perfect holiday would look like, but a very wise person once said, “look around you…there you have everything you need to make you happy”

Happy summer holidays to you and yours.

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