The post-summer music tour to take with friends.

September is a month of goodbyes: we say goodbye to the summer, to the friends we made, to those exciting, unforgettable good times that we immortalized on Instagram.

But it’s not all about goodbyes. September is the month to put the soundtrack to those special moments, and we want to play our part, of course; for this and much more we bring you the can’t-miss concerts on the calendar for this month:

  • Walking on sunshine, we make our first stop on the Costa del Sol. The already vibrant streets of Málaga will be filled with the sounds of Melendi on 16 September and Maluma on the 23rd – those songs that made it impossible to stop dancing, no matter how much your feet hurt, and sing until your vocal cords couldn’t take it anymore.
Photo: @_melendioficial_
  • And we keep on singing as we make our way to Granada, a city with a magic that immediately draws you in and will make you want to come back over and over again, always with that same childlike excitement. Every corner of the city is just waiting to be rediscovered, but you’re guaranteed to fall even more in love if “Pedacitos de ti (Pieces of you)” is playing in the background. The city that is home to the Alhambra has everything you’re looking for, including Granada Sound. Celebrated from 22 to 23 September, this festival is the perfect place for creating unforgettable memories, those moments that will always bring a smile to your face when you think about them months or even years later. The Antonio Orozco concert on 21 September is yet another chance to sing, cry and relive the excitement of the past.
Photo: @antoniorozco10
  • Time to fill up on gas for the 858 km of adventure to Barcelona! Our last but most anticipated stop because we love this city. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find it in Barcelona: beaches, mountains, architecture, culture, and countless little details that will take your breath away. And addingthe Lady Gaga concert on Friday the 22nd to the mix puts a spectacular finishing touch to our music tour.
Photo: @ladygaga

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