20 reasons to drop everything and go to Mexico City

Have you thought about making any changes, such as the ones we suggested? And if so, are you still having second thoughts? If you are, we’re about to give you 20 reasons why it’s worth doing.  There’s no ranking or particular order – it’s up to each person to decide which they find most interesting, but they’ll all make you decide to say YES to Mexico City.

  1. Its culture. Ancient traditions are entwined with more up-to-date technology in a striking way.
  2. Its jazz festival. If you thought Mexico was only worth visiting during the summer, you were wrong. Even if you’re not super familiar with this type of music, the moment you get to the jazz festival, you’ll be in love with it forever.
  3. The Angel of Independence. Tall and majestic, it’s a real symbol of how the Mexicans fought to get their independence from Spain. If you’re Spanish, it will be doubly moving to admire it from both points of view.
  4. Its many celebrations. From the celebrations for the Virgin of Guadalupe or the Candelaria, to the inns with their piñatas, multiple religious celebrations are held in this city throughout the year, and whether or not you share the locals’ beliefs, they’ll definitely thrill you with their songs, interpretations and symbology.
  5. Its diversity. The different ethnic and social groups which make up the most populated area in the country give it an indescribable social value. We could spend hours simply observing the different types of people who walk through its streets, with their different ways of dressing, thinking and behaving.
  6. Its hospitality. The ‘chilangos’, as the people in this cosmopolitan city are known, come from many different states, and in many cases they arrived in the city fleeing dictatorships or persecution, which is why they are delighted to welcome people into the city which became their home.
  7. El Bosque de Chapultepec, the biggest urban park in all of Latin America. Perfect for visiting its fountains, murals and terraces, doing some sport or simply getting away from it all. And in the centre is the impressive Chapultepec Castle. And if you get homesick, El Quijote’s fountain is there!
  8. Its gastronomy. We don’t need to tell you about chili, avocado, tacos, quesadillas, tequila or pulque. It’s enough to tell you that its delicious food is considered an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. The baked good deserve a special mention – visit a bakery in DF and you’ll never want to go back home again.
  9. The centre of Coyoacán. A meeting place for artists, philosophers and writers…and those who really want to get to know the city. You can’t miss the Jardín del Hidalgo and the Jardín Centenario.
  10. Its music. Mariachis, rancheras, corridos and the lesser known but equally exciting norteña music. We promise you that listening to them live and in the right place is miles better than on a CD or what you’ve seen in films.
  11. Independence Day. Whichever town or neighbourhood you find yourself in on 15th September, you will hear the famous Grito de Dolores, in memory of the night on which Father Manuel Hidalgo called all his faithful followers to the fight for independence. If you want to be there when the celebration reaches its climax, go to the Zócalo in the centre of the city to experience this moment.
  12. Its long hours. The city starts up before 5am and continues until well after midnight.
  13. The Papalote Museum. Because if you have children, you’ll also want them to enjoy this place which has the motto “touch, play and learn” and will create wonderful memories for them.
  14. And continuing with the topic of ideal places for children, here they have an interactive miniature city, where they can get into the role of the jobs they like best and can spend a day enjoying a city made just for them.
  15. Six Flags. Love to feel exhilarated?  You’ll be in your element here. There’s a reason why it’s the most visited theme park in the whole of Latin America!
  16. The Day of the Dead. You won’t have ever seen a celebration like this.  It’s also recognised by Unesco as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity, something you need to experience at least once in your life.  Its skulls, altars and crosses will stick in your mind for years to come. And at the end of the day, that’s one of the reasons we travel.
  17. Its quiet months. Between January and March, the city relaxes. The flow of tourists slows and the locals usually go on holiday. That’s when you can enjoy the uncommon feeling of ‘having it all to yourself’. Without doing anything special, just ‘living’ the city and meeting the locals who have stayed behind, when they have the most time to share unique moments with you.
  18. The talent of the locals. It is said that every Mexican has a talent. And if you let them show you, you’ll see that it’s true. The people, open to art and new friendships, are always up for a good improvised show, whether they’re the stars or the spectators.
  19. Its nightclubs. No, we can’t only talk about culture, traditional festivals, museums, parks and food. Mexico City is also a perfect spot for going out at night. Zinco, Rexo, Cafeína and Fly are just some of the city’s best-known pubs and nightclubs, where you’ll really experience the local nightlife.
  20. You need it. There’s no better reason than yourself. Change, go for it, take that step. You’ve already read plenty of objective reasons to go to Mexico City. Number 20 is up to you.

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