10 reasons being single on Valentine’s Day is great

Ok, let’s admit it… You get a bit jealous when Valentine’s Day comes around and you see the streets full of couples holding hands, carrying boxes of chocolates and huge bouquets of flowers, while you are going home where the best you can hope is that, with any luck, the cat is waiting for you.
But being single on Valentine’s Day also has an upside. 10 of them in fact:

1.You save money. Loads of money.

2. You haven’t got to wrack your brains for weeks on end thinking of some brilliant gift that your partner is going to love, that you haven’t previously bought, that is completely original but romantic at the same time, that’s not too cheap nor too expensive, that is going to arrive in time if you buy it last minute…

3. You are not going to feel bad and get the hump with your partner for a week because your ‘romantic gesture’ actually tuned out to be a complete fail compared to the next generation mobile they have given you.

4. Neither do you have to pretend to be thrilled with what they have bought you if, in fact, you think it’s really lame, and then procced to sit there thinking ‘I have just spent two whole weeks scouring the internet and paying four times over the odds just so your present arrives on time… for this?’, or ‘why would you give me a framed photo of us in which I clearly have a really bad double chin?’


5. And the best is this: you don’t have to “endure” your present, if what they buy you is an adventure day – white-water rafting in freezing water, or spending an evening paint-balling that is going to leave your backside covered in bruises until Easter.

6. Remember, on this day there are leagues of other lonely singles also wanting to meet someone just so they don’t have to spend the night alone… and there you are! Ready to console another lonely soul. It’s the perfect day to go out on the hunt and capture another ‘single’ with whom you can spent your evening.

7. No need to ring twenty odd restaurants in order to find just one that can fit you in that evening, or hang around in endless queues for tried and tested romantic haunts.

8. You don’t have to compete with other couples over who seems to be most in love and who had the most perfect evening. Because let’s be honest, this is just like competitive parents trying to prove that their Little Darling is the cleverest. There’s no doubt about it – people do this. Especially on Instagram.

9. You can bake the most gorgeous cake, with three different kinds of chocolate, all set out in cute heart shapes, with lashings of melted cream on top and served with chocolate ice-cream … and then you can eat the whole thing yourself without having to share it with anyone!

10. And last but definitely not least, THERE’S NO NEED TO SHAVE.

 Por Treintay

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