Three cities to visit this Easter

We often use our free time and holidays to relax, but it can also be fun to use them to “perk up” a bit and have an adventure. What better way to spend your Easter holidays this year than getting away from it all? Whether it’s with friends, your partner or family – that bit’s up to you!

We often associate Easter with the traditional family holiday, but why don’t we ever try to make it more fun? Or romantic? Why not give it a go this year? With the extra few days you have off at Easter, you can allow yourself to travel a little further afield, collect some stamps for your passport and experience something completely new. Here are some suggestions that might help you disconnect a little:

The heat of Mexico City: Even though this city is overrun with religious festivities at Easter, this doesn’t mean that everything else goes quiet: bars and hotels remain open and attractions and events are everywhere. They know that most tourists want to experience the local traditions and also experience the night life. So whether you are looking for fun or romance, there is definitely space for you too. Things like having dinner at the top of the Torre Latinoamericana, a stroll through the Central Alameda park or a visit to the many bars in the heart of Mexico City are fun and easy to organise. And keep an eye out for that spicy side of the city!

Mexico City



  • Relaxed Miami: Pound for pound, one of the most fun cities on the planet. Of course, its endless beaches full of surfers and its trendy restaurant scene make for all day fun, but this city has loads of other activities – from sport to cultural events – that you can do with friends, as a couple or as a single to meet new people. One crazy tip: make sure you visit one of the karaoke bars one night to see what real fun is!

Miami Beach


  • Cosmopolitan New York: The city that never sleeps will definitely have something to do at night, right? (Wink, wink.) You can rage in a club until the wee hours of the morning or plan a romantic evening at the top of a skyscraper. It’s all guaranteed to leave you totally amazed and savouring the memories of those lovely and unique moments so far from home that you’ll treasure for ever! Of course, while you are actually there, make sure to treat yourself and enjoy American fashion at its source. For the gals, something from Victoria’s Secret could be good or from Abercrombie & Fitch for the guys. You’ll definitely need a good souvenir for back home!

new york city christmas


Take you chance this Easter to surprise yourself and your friends or partner with an unforgettable trip abroad to disconnect. Your mind (and body) will thank you for it!


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