5 Reasons Why Milan is the Fashion Capital

If there’s one city that worthy of the “fashion capital” crown, it’s Milan. Milan is without a doubt the capital of Italian and international fashion. Cosmopolitan, it incorporates luxury, art, gastronomy and culture… it’s the perfect place for fashionistas and industry enthusiasts.

Where to go for a coffee or meal after a long day of shopping? Milan is an excellent city if you’re looking to enjoy delicious cuisine. We would recommend Al Peck Ristorante, an elegant restaurant where you can delight in the best fresh, handmade pastas and the most delicious cheeses.

If you have the time to do a little networking, then a trip to Giacomo Arengario is a must. This meet-up spot for fashion and finance professionals is located in the Piazza Duomo, where you have the chance to try the most delicious spelt spaghetti with mussels while you chat and build up your contacts.

To bring your stay in Milan to an end, what better than meeting a celebrity! The city is teeming with places where you can bump into the stars. Head for Restaurante Pisacco, with its stunning décor, or try the Camper Together store, a Japanese project with a quirky design, created using wooden table-tops for a sophisticated atmosphere.

a model in Milan

So why is Milan the fashion capital? Well, here are five reasons as to why this city deserves such a title.

1. The city of Milan houses, in the so-called Quadrilatero d’Oro (the golden rectangle), some of the world’s best luxury, fashion and jewellery boutiques as well as workshops of many of the industry’s biggest names. This has been named so as the boutiques are limited to four streets – Via Monte Napoleone, Via Alessandro Manzoni, Via della Spiga and Corso Venezia – and it is considered the district for excellence in terms of the best creations and Italian designers.

2. Via Monte Napoleone is considered one of the most expensive and prestigious streets in the world. Its name dates back to 1804, to the time of Napoleon’s rule. So, if your main aim is to go shopping, you can’t go to Milan without stepping foot in each one of the boutiques that border this street.

3. Milano Unica: a must-see event for any self-professed fashionista or “it” girl. This trade fair dedicated to clothing and accessories made in Italy and Europe is a unique opportunity to see the most exclusive designs in the fashion world as well as upcoming designers.

4. Milan’s quintessential bi-annual event, yes, it’s Milan Fashion Week. This is an unmissable event for all fashion lovers, as well as industry professionals and journalists. The most renowned designers in the world present their collections at the September-October and February-March editions. The 2016 edition is held from 21 to 27 September.

5. Last but not least, if you’re planning a trip to Milan in March, you cannot miss out on The MICAM, the leading footwear exhibition where you can fix your eyes on next year’s collections.

What do you think of our suggestions? If you’ve got fashion in your blood, then Milan is the city for you!

By Noemelia.com

*Featured Image:  Eugenio Marongiu / Shutterstock.com

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