They say New Year’s Resolutions are made to be broken…

Any bet that as soon as you finished the midnight count down on New Year’s Eve you began making a list of all the things you’d start to do the next day.

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New Year’s Resolutions are a good thing, but just don’t expect things to change from the 1st of January.

Resolutions are short-term goals to help you to grow day by day. If you think you can learn Chinese, lose 15kg or quit smoking within the first month of the year, you’re sadly mistaken.

It’s important to know what is realistically possible, how much time you have and what your financial capacities are. Set yourself challenges that you can actually meet.

Take this 2017 as a staircase with infinite steps. When you get there is not as important as actually getting there.

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It’s been 3 years since I quit smoking and I did it on 26 December. Why that date? Because it was the best moment for it: I was starting my vacations and it was a break from my daily routine. In short, I was prepared and determined and that is what’s essential.

If you want to take up running and feel healthier, why not start by walking? Why not change your morning coffee for a herbal infusion? Why not change your breakfast pastry for a bowl of muesli?

If you want to learn a language or start going to the gym, why not lock in a time to go once a week?

If you want to travel more, why not put away a little extra every week in your piggy bank for when the time comes?

If you’re looking for a little bit more peace and balance, why not sign up for yoga?

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These small changes will help keep you inspired to achieve your goals, rather than abandoning them at the first sign of difficulty.

“What you hold back, you lose,” so take advantage of every moment to give your best and share it with the people around you. The best moments in life don’t happen on the sofa in front of the TV. Take advantage of the time you are given

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The most important thing when setting goals is to live in the moment, stay active and be positive. This should be your real resolution for the year. And remember: better to start small, be realistic and conscious of everything you do.

Your goal in 2017 should be to find yourself!


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