Give him moments to remember this Father’s Day

Throughout our lives we collect a lot material things. Indeed, these tangible things are often the main focus of our efforts. Like when we say “I want to buy that car” or “I want a house”.
But as the years go by and we accumulate possessions, the more we realise that these things don’t really make us happy or enrich our lives.
Life is made up of moments and our memories are what we really enjoy. Treasured memories bring us true happiness and make life worth living.
This is why where people used to collect things, we now prefer to collect moments.
This may also be because we live in a time when we really have all the material things we need and don’t need much else.
That is why the best gift we can give our father on 19 March is an unexpected trip or experience.

Here are some ideas:

If your father likes cars, what better gift than a ticket to see Formula 1 live? The circuit at Montmeló in Barcelona hosts the Spanish Grand Prix. It’s a gift that will definitely be a nice surprise. And if you are able to go with him, he will never forget the experience.

Barcelona GP Formula1

Another original gift that can be adapted for all tastes is concert tickets.
Does he like classical music? Has he ever been to a musical? Is there a special place in his heart for a certain band from the eighties? Madrid has an almost infinite number of musical shows on offer. You just have to find the right one to give him a surprise he won’t forget.


Or, depending on your budget, why not give him a few days’ vacation in another European city? Amsterdam, Florence or even Istanbul are some of our favourite destinations and are also cities which are very affordable in terms of flights and accommodation.


Without a doubt, these are all gifts which your father will feel very lucky and happy to experience.
And in the end that’s what life is all about, isn’t it? Being happy while we collect moments.

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