Summer time always comes to an end

Good morning, Princess,

While you are still sleeping placidly, I will contemplate the sun rising on the Alhambra from the terrace of the Hotel. I know you told me to wake you up as you wanted to come with me, but I thought it would be as cruel as plucking a poppy from a field on the first days of spring. Indeed I stayed for a while contemplating your beautiful smile and I prepared some tea in the room.

Who would have thought we would spend this summer together fulfilling our dreams in a city like Granada? You made the made the best afternoon out of which was going to be a normal one. It´s only been two months since we met but it has been enough to make me realize that you are now part of my life.


I look through the window of the room 406 and contemplate the starry night. On the table there are still some gums and the empty little bottle of cava that the Hotel Team lovingly prepared as well as a note informing who prepared the room.

Before leaving the room I pull up the bedcover so that you don´t lose the warmth that we both shared last morning when our lips touched on that wonderful terrace, while the stars in the firmament of Granada witnessed our passionate embrace among these four walls.

I’m waiting you in the breakfast room with a fresh flower on the table and eager to share that lovely breakfast with those privileged views that only Granada can offer.

A good morning kiss. For me it is not a sad day even though summer comes to an end , maybe because you will be the sun that shines very day in my life  and i will cherish your warmth keeping away all the chilly.

Writted by Rafa Figueredo, Room Mate Leo, Photos: Sergio Luque López


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